Beliefs. What are they? Where did you get them? Were you born with your current beliefs, or have they been spoon-fed to you? When was the last time you truly examined your beliefs? Do they serve or hinder you? Are your beliefs based on empirical facts or are they anecdotal? If it was your life on the line will you be able to defend your beliefs? I can keep asking questions till the cows come home as the saying goes, but I think you get the picture. Your beliefs are not yours, they were given to you by your parents, your family, your elders, your church, your teachers, your government, and your society. Mostly they all thought they were giving you important tools for survival, but in reality, they were corrupting your mind, corrupting in a way that you can’t even imagine living without your beliefs.

We form our values for the most part based on our beliefs, be they religious or otherwise. If you were born in a Christian home, you were given a certain set of beliefs, a child born at the same moment as you in a Hindu home was given a different set of beliefs. You both are convinced about the correctness and validity of your beliefs.

The problem with beliefs is that they can be altered, and we can be convinced to believe alternatives, given enough time, and resources I can make you believe a different reality than what you currently subscribe to and in the end, you will be 100% convinced of this new alternative to be an absolute fact, albeit only in your mind.

Now, let us talk about knowledge. What is knowledge? Knowledge is arrived at by a rigorous examination of facts, experimentation, direction, and independent analysis by our minds and reasoning. Once I have acquired and internalized knowledge it is almost impossible to convince me otherwise. There are people in this world who believe that the earth is flat, that is a belief, not knowledge, if I needed to I can with sufficient time and resources convince these people to the fallacy of this belief, however, you can never convince me that earth is not a globe, because it is not a belief, it is knowledge based on proven facts.

So why do we teach our young non-sensical beliefs? What drives us to not allow our offspring to experience and learn and gain knowledge on their own? Why do we insist that what we know is the ultimate truth and that we should make sure our progeny believes and accepts these truths as their own? There are societies in this world that are willing to kill their own sons and daughters if they deviate from the teachings of the family, Why?

I think it is this idea of separateness that our ego instills in us which drives us into complete and utter madness of wanting to be different, and there is only one way to be different, it is to be better than everyone else, to be superior to another person, to believe that somehow, your beliefs, your ideas, your way of life is the way all should be.

This is utter madness, there is no such thing as a superior or inferior being, life does not choose sides, it is not possible. Just as a parent can not choose one child over another, so life is incapable of choosing one individual over another. If we can understand this fundamental truth our brief and infinitesimal existence can become a grand adventure which it is.

You are not here to judge or be judged you are given this privilege of experiencing life, don’t waste on ridiculous and nonsensical beliefs and ideas, look inside you, turn your outward focus inwards, seek your answers and solutions from within and see what happens, for all the magic is in you.