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Frequently Asked

Is coaching really necessary?

Only if it is your desire to reach your goals and objectives in the shortest time, however, if you just want to go through life via trial and error, you don’t need a coach.

How do I choose a Coach?

A coach will be a confidant, a guide, and someone you will trust with the most intimate knowledge about you. So choose one very carefully. A good coach will be willing to invest some time upfront getting to know you and letting you get to know him without any obligation, if he is not willing to do that seek another.

What can I do to make sure coaching is successful for me?

This is a question needing some sort of guarantee, however, it is imperative you understand the life offers no guarantee of success or failure. The answer to your question lies within you. If it is your intention and desire that coaching is successful then it will be. However, you should take the short quiz to determine your readiness for a coach. Take the Quiz

How long before I see results?

Where you are today, you didn’t get here overnight, nor will you achieve your desired state of being overnight, any coaching relationship should be embarked on with a long-term view. However, a good benchmark is 4-6 weeks of diligent effort. This by no means is a one fit all solution. You are an individual, and your results will depend on many variables. A good starting point is to take a quick Coaching readiness Quiz Here

What happens after the coaching is done?

Well, coaching is not a pill you take to cure a headache, your headache, to begin with, is not due to a lack of painkillers in your body. Coaching will help you gain insights into who you are and how you function so going forward you will always make the correct choices for your life, and your life will move steadily towards more abundance, happiness, and prosperity. However, there will always be times when you will need a quick bouncing of any idea, that is why all my clients have lifetime access to me via eMail free of charge as long as this privilege is used judiciously and not abused, also all future coaching sessions are discounted by 40% from the prevailing pricing.